annemarie1Full Name: Anne-Marie Tyson
Preferred Name: Anne-Marie
Period: 18 Jan – 18 Feb 2016
Hobby: Travelling, reading fiction novels, hiking, running
Favorite Indonesian food:  Gado-gado!
Where I come from: I am from the University of Adelaide

I am studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences, with majors in Epidemiology, Indigenous Health and Health Promotion. I am also studying a Bachelor of International Development and a Diploma in Spanish

 A bit about my internship at Atma Jaya:

I love working with people and am passionate about social justice. I believe that people’s happiness and well-being is inextricably linked with their overall health. I enjoy working in Public Health because I feel that through public health interventions you can really improve the living conditions, health and overall happiness of vulnerable people. For this reason I chose to intern at PPH Atma Jaya where I can learn more about the positive impact PPH Atma Jaya have for individuals living with HIV in Indonesia.

I will be interning at PPH Atma Jaya for 4 weeks, and in that time I hope to get a better understanding of the complex issue of HIV and gain some first-hand insight into the key populations at high risk of HIV. Interning in Jakarta will also help me get a better understanding of Indonesian culture, language and diversity.

At PPH Atma Jaya I will be doing a personal research project looking into different community-based responses to HIV (particularly interventions implemented by PPH Atma Jaya, such as Lentera Anak Pelangi and Kios). I will also critique the community-based health system as a whole on its effectiveness in responding to HIV.

After completing an internship at PPH Atma Jaya I will return home to Adelaide to complete my university studies in Public Health and International Development. After I graduate I hope to work in Public Health in a developing country (possibly Indonesia!). My internship at PPH Atma Jaya will be very useful for my future career in International Public Health.


chevaun1Name: Chevaun Buchecker
Nickname: Chev, Chevvy
Period: 18 Jan – 18 Feb 2016
From: Adelaide, South Australia
Hobbies: Diving, sailing, travel, good friends, good food, and good books.
Favorite Indonesian food: I love all of the food, especially Sudanese. Anything with chili, chili, and more chili. Durian smoothies. Avocado Smoothies. All of the smoothies!
Education: Bachelor of Psychological Science (completed), Bachelor of International Development (3rd year) – University of Adelaide

Internship at PPH Atma Jaya: I am interning here for one short month, facilitated through ACICIS and to gain course credits. This internship epitomises the real-world functioning of my degree combination; using psychological research and processes to optimise capacity within the field. I am working on gaining a deeper understanding of the interaction between research, policy, and operational realities within the health and development sector. Upon completion I will return to Australia and finish my few remaining papers, then consider any and all opportunities that may present themselves.