In the past two years, research activities include the following:

Operational Research

  1. Strengthening Methadone Therapy Program Intervention in DKI Jakarta.
    In collaboration with the Ministry of Health (2014).
  2. The feasibility of integrating active TB case finding among key population groups into HIV outreach program activities.
    In collaboration with the Ministry of Health (2015).
  3. Research on Integration of Services on HIV AIDS and Violence Against Women for Women Living with HIV who Experienced Violence in DKI Jakarta and North Sumatera: Inventory on experience of survivors of violence and perceptions of the quality of community and government based services provided to the survivors.
    In collaboration with Ikatan Perempuan Positif Indonesia (IPPI) and Result in Health (RiH) Belanda (2015)
  4. Early ARV treatment among Injecting Drugs Users with HIV in Indonesia (Hati Project.) In collaboration with Kirby Institute, Australia; WHO Indonesia, Ministry of Health; National AIDS Commission; and Faculty of Medicine , Padjadjaran University (2015)

Evaluation Research

  1. ASK (Access, Services, and Knowledge) and UFBR (Unite for Body Rights) Outcome Measurement 2015.
    In collaboration with Rutgers WPF Indonesia (2015).
  2. Evaluasi Program HIV and Drugs Program Evaluation.
    Caritas PSE Keuskupan Agung Medan (KAM) with support of Caritas Germany(2014)

Policy Research

  1. The influence of global health initiatives towards Civil society participation in the response to HIV-AIDS in Indonesia.
    In collaboration with KSI–DFAT(2015).
  2. The utilization of national health insurance (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional) in DKI Jakarta
    In collaboration with the Faculty of Psychology, Unika Atma Jaya (2014)
  3. Integrating the HIV-AIDS response to the health system and the effectiveness of HIV-AIDS response in DKI Jakarta.
    In collaboration with PKMK FK UGM – DFAT(2014).

Social-Behavioural Research

  1. Prevention of HIV among partners of key populations (injecting drugs users, female sex workers, transgendered persons, men who have sex with men) by developing notification strategies and partner referrals.
    In collaboration with University of Illinois at Chicago (2015).
  2. Developing HIV Programs and Risk Reduction Intervention Trials among Street Children in Indonesia.
    In collaboration with University of Illinois at Chicago (2015)
  3. Prevalence of TB and HIV among prisoners in overpopulated prisons/detention centers in Jakarta.
    In collaboration with Lapas Kelas II Salemba, Rutankelas I Cipinang, Kanwil Kemenkumham DKI Jakarta; University of Malaya, Malaysia; University of Ottago, New Zealand; and Radboud University, Netherlands (2015)
  4. Social and Sexual Networks of HIV transmission among men who have sex with men in Yogyakarta.
    In collaboration with Pusat Kedokteran Tropis, Fakultas Kedokteran UGM (2014)
  5. Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia students on HIV Prevention and Transmission.
    In collaboration with Unit Penelitian Mahasiswa (UPM) (2014)